“the way i see it”


When I first met Jimmy Norman in 2001 in a tiny New York City bar,

his health was poor. He’d had a heart attack and was forced to retire

after three decades of singing with The Coasters. It was unimaginable

at the time that Jimmy’s very best work lay in the years ahead.

Yet, that’s just what happened. From sheer luck (many of these songs

were rescued from notebooks in a trash bag on the street) to Jimmy’s

improbable pairing with producer Kerryn Tolhurst, a series of random

events led to this remarkable recording.

The first album, Little Pieces, wove together Jimmy’s unique musical

background of country, gospel, blues and jazz. Now, Norman and

Tolhurst are back with The Way I See It—songs that are again timeless,

homespun stories of lost love, the pursuit of power and

continuing racial differences.

Jimmy Norman’s music represents an explosive time when soul,

R&B, gospel and blues met the richest storytelling traditions of

country music. It all fused into what would become rock and roll.

Because Jimmy grew up in that tradition, his music cannot be

separated from his personal story. 


Frank Beacham, New York City, December 2010

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